kids christian ministry fairview tn
kids christian ministry fairview tn

If you are planning a visit, here is a list of frequently asked questions to help make your experience at OCH great . If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What will I experience when I walk in the doors of One Church Home?
Upon entering the parking lot, you will be greeted by our parking team. When you enter the building a greeter will hold the door for you and point you in the direction you are looking to go. On the way in, stop and enjoy a hot cup of “Jingo Java” coffee and a “Fairview Fresh” doughnut located in the middle of the lobby area.
What can I expect from a Sunday Morning Service?

Services are approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. You will experience passionate worship by song that typically includes a prayer time. We continue to worship in the receiving of tithes and offerings and worship in the teaching of God’s Word, the Bible.

What are your sermons and teachings like?
We often teach through books of Bible, and at times, we teach topically and use anchor scriptures to support these messages. We teach without apology, confront culture and sin while building the body in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Do you partake in communion?
We celebrate Sacrament Sunday the last Sunday of the month by taking communion as a congregation and celebrating baptisms. Communion is available every Sunday, pre-service at 8:40 am and 10:40 am in the Sanctuary.
What is the dress code?
You will see some our congregants in jeans and a t-shirt and some in a shirt and tie. Our pastors typically wear denim trousers and presentable shirt, collared or sweater type.
Do I have to give money?
In short, no. However, we believe that tithing is part of the Christian life and we as Christ followers should be joyfully giving and filling the storehouse (2 Corinth 9:6-7, Malachi 3:10-12). In saying this, we would never ask anyone who is new, or praying through being part of our church to give. Let our services minister to your heart and as God leads you, give.
Where do my children go while I am in service?

As you arrive in the lobby you will find our Children’s Ministry Check In Station on the left. We have classes for Toddlers – 5th grade and a precious team to look after our infants and toddlers. We teach the Bible to our kids in a safe, clean atmosphere. Email for more information.

My child has an allergy, how do you handle that?

During check in, you will have the opportunity to let us know of any allergy or special need your child might have. Also, each classroom will have the snack of the day posted for your knowledge.
Email for more information.

Can my child come to service in the Sanctuary with me?

The answer is yes. However, we ask that if your child is in service with you that the disruptions stay limited. If one of our usher team or staff feel that you or anyone around you is being distracted by your child, we may ask you to go to the quiet room, check your child into a class or move to the lobby.

Do you have a student ministry?

We do. Students meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm. The night includes food, fun and an action pack, truth filled service for your teen. Email for more information.

In general, what is your safety protocol?
One Church Home has gone to great lengths in the attempt to keep our gatherings as safe as we are able. In cooperation with state of the art technology, we have a trained safety team and Williamson County Sheriff’s onsite. Obviously, we cannot guarantee or predict any scenario that evil can bring, but we can be proactive and do our very best to be preventative.
How do I get connected?

The connection table in the lobby is a great place to find an answer to your questions and to get connected. We have plenty of opportunities from Home Groups, Students Ministry, 55+, classes and more. Email for more information.

I heard you sing loud, is that true?

Yes, we make much of Jesus Christ. Whether someone is raising their hands or the speakers are turned up a bit, we are loud in our affection to the King of Kings. Although our sanctuary is professionally tuned and we have gone to great lengths to help with noise pollution, some folks prefer to wear earplugs. We do provide earplugs if needed at the entrance to the sanctuary.

How do I get baptized?

We very much believe in Christ’s command for every believer to be baptized. We would love to talk with you about next steps in following Jesus in this holy moment. Email or please see our baptism page here for further information.

How do I have my child dedicated to the Lord on a Sunday morning?

We would love to partner with you and pray over your infant/child, dedicating them to the Lord on a Sunday with the family of God praying together.

Email for more information.

Have a question?

Let us know if there are any questions you still have, we are happy to answer them.