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Have you ever walked away from a sermon hungry for more? We want to be a body who appropriately postures ourselves to receive all God has for us, which is why we’ve created the Grow Deeper blog. This study aims to equip our body by expounding on the truths of God that He is speaking NOW.

Every Wednesday, we will post a study that digs into the previous Sunday’s sermon. At the end of each entry, you will find reflection questions that can be used for self-application or even small group conversation. In order to GROW deeper, we have to GO deeper… Let’s dig in together!

current series:
“The Great”

Perspective of Gratitude

Week 2 | It may surprise you that Thanksgiving is considered one of the three most dangerous holidays of the year. Suppose you don’t set the house on fire cooking the turkey or get food poisoning from eating it. In that case, there’s always the heightened risk of a heart attack from overindulging in food and drink or being in a car accident on the way home—caused mainly by others who’ve overindulged. But there’s a thanksgiving danger far more significant than all these—one that can harm not just the body but the soul.

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The Magnitude of Gratitude

Week 1 | What if, as Thanksgiving gives way to the merriment of Christmas, instead of making a wish list of all the the things we want, we begin making a list of of all that we’ve already been given in Christ?

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