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Have you ever walked away from a sermon hungry for more? We want to be a body who appropriately postures ourselves to receive all God has for us, which is why we’ve created the Grow Deeper blog. This study aims to equip our body by expounding on the truths of God that He is speaking NOW.

Every Wednesday, we will post a study that digs into the previous Sunday’s sermon. At the end of each entry, you will find reflection questions that can be used for self-application or even small group conversation. In order to GROW deeper, we have to GO deeper… Let’s dig in together!

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Week 3 | In Genesis 37:5-7, when 17-year-old Joseph dreamed that his brothers’ sheaves of grain would gather around his sheaf and bow down to it, he could not have conceived the difficult path he would follow over the next 13 years to bring the dream to fulfillment. Nor could he have begun to understand its far greater significance to a dream much more significant than his own.

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Whippin’ Giants

Week 2 | How does a teenage shepherd boy end up facing, and as Pastor Steve said, “whippin’” a 10-foot giant to defend the name of the living God while the Israelite army, including their reining king, Saul, cowers in fear?

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Stepping Into The Promise

Week 1 | As we step into the promises of God in our lives, if we are going to, as Pastor Ian taught, build altars of remembrance for the amazing things God has done, we need to understand what an altar is and its importance in our relationship with God—both in the time of Joshua and now.

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